Nearly Bit Off Her Boyfriend's Nose!

New details have surfaced regarding actress Heather Locklear's arrest on Sunday night for domestic violence. reports police were called to Locklear's house after a fight broke out between Locklear and her boyfriend. Once police arrived, officers noticed a mark on Locklear's boyfriend's body which led police to arrest the former star of "Melrose Place."

Locklear and her high school sweetheart Chris Heisser recently reconnected, reports The Daily Mail. A source in the Ventura police department told the online publication that Locklear "was wasted.""

(Locklear) practically bit the tip off of Heisser's nose," the source said to The Daily Mail. "She punched the lady cop and called her a c***, kicked one of the male cops in the balls and punched the third male cop and called them all f*****g a**holes ranting at them."

Rest of this story: ABC 13


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