David Bowie's Low, "Heroes", and Scary Monsters Get Vinyl Re-release

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David Bowie fans rejoiced late Thursday evening as Bowie announced on his Instagram that five of his albums are going to be re-released on vinyl on February 23, 2018 for the first time since 1991.

Fans can already pre-order, Low, "Heroes," Stage (2017 edition), Lodger, and Scary Monsters in preparation of the release.

This release comes after the acclaimed release of the "A New Career In A New Town" box set featuring Bowie's music from 1977-1982. 

ANCIANT BREAK OUTS DUE FEBRUARY - “'Cause Low is on sale again...” - Following the release of last year’s acclaimed ‘A New Career In A New Town (1977 – 1982)’ box set, break outs of five selected albums from the set as stand-alone releases will be released on February 23rd and are now available on the links below for pre-order: - Low - https://lnk.to/LowMP - "Heroes" - https://lnk.to/HeroesMP - Stage 2017 - https://lnk.to/StageMP - Lodger - https://lnk.to/LodgerMP - Scary Monsters - https://lnk.to/ScaryMMP - These releases haven’t been available on vinyl officially for more than a quarter of a century since the very limited EMI reissues in 1991. - Go here for the press release: http://smarturl.it/ANCIANTbreakoutsPR - #ANCIANTbox #ANCIANTBreakouts #ANewCareerInANewTownBox #BowieVinyl

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 "Parlophone is proud to announce that remastered versions of DAVID BOWIE’s classic albums LOW, "HEROES", STAGE (2017 version 3 x LP, 2 x CD), LODGER and SCARY MONSTERS (And Super Creeps) are to be released individually on audiophile vinyl, CD, Mastered For iTunes and standard digital."

His record label also released what tracks are on the remastered albums. 


Released on RCA PL 12030 (U.K.) / CPL1-2030 (U.S.) on 14th January, 1977.

Side 1

1. Speed Of Life                                        

2. Breaking Glass                                      

3. What In The World                                             

4. Sound And Vision                                     

5. Always Crashing In The Same Car                              

6. Be My Wife                                  

7. A New Career In A New Town                  

Side 2

1. Warszawa                                             

2. Art Decade                                                                         

3. Weeping Wall                                        

4. Subterraneans



Released on RCA PL 12522 (U.K.) / AFL1-2522 (U.S.) on 14th October, 1977.

Side 1

1. Beauty And The Beast

2. Joe The Lion

3. "Heroes"

4. Sons Of The Silent Age

5. Blackout 

Side 2

1. V-2 Schneider

2. Sense Of Doubt

3. Moss Garden

4. Neuköln

5. The Secret Life Of Arabia



Originally released on RCA PL 02913 (U.K.) / CPL2-2913 (U.S.) on 8th September, 1978.

2017 version released on Parlophone as part of ‘A New Career In A New Town’ on 29th September, 2017

Side 1

1. Warszawa

2. "Heroes"

3. What In The World

Side 2

1. Be My Wife

2. The Jean Genie 

3. Blackout

4. Sense Of Doubt

Side 3

1. Speed Of Life

2. Breaking Glass

3. Beauty And The Beast

4. Fame

Side 4

1. Five Years

2. Soul Love

3. Star

4. Hang On To Yourself

5. Ziggy Stardust

6. Suffragette City

Side 5

1. Art Decade

2. Alabama Song

3. Station To Station

Side 6

1. Stay

2. TVC 15



Released on RCA PL 13254 (U.K.) / APL1-3254 (U.S.) on 18th May, 1979.

Side 1

1. Fantastic Voyage

2. African Night Flight

3. Move On

4. Yassassin (Turkish for: Long Live)

5. Red Sails

Side 2

1. D.J. 

2. Look Back In Anger

3. Boys Keep Swinging

4. Repetition 

5. Red Money



Released on RCA BOWLP 2 (PL 13647) (U.K.) / AQL1-3647 (U.S.) on 12th September, 1980.

Side 1

1. It's No Game (Part 1)                                               

2. Up The Hill Backwards                                                

3. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)                           

4. Ashes To Ashes                                                      

5. Fashion                                                             

Side 2

1. Teenage Wildlife                                                    

2. Scream Like A Baby                                          

3. Kingdom Come                                                

4. Because You're Young

5. It's No Game (Part 2)

You can pre-order the albums here: 

Low: https://lnk.to/LowMP

Heroes: https://lnk.to/HeroesMP

Stage 2017: https://lnk.to/StageMP 

Lodger: https://lnk.to/LodgerMP 

Scary Monsters: https://lnk.to/ScaryMMP



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