Why have these penguins been named the 'naughtiest' of the month?

Who doesn't love penguins? These flightless birds who are native to the Southernmost part of the globe have enchanted zoo and aquarium visitors all over the world. 

Every month the National Aquarium of New Zealand has a "naughty" and "good" penguin board for visitors to read. 

Jonny (Twitter username: @jonnywaistcoat) took to Twitter and chronicled some of these boards, providing commentary on the various priase and offense and highlight repeat performers on both sides of the board. 

Trust me, some of these are well worth the read and at times I'm not sure if the board is what's getting me to laugh or the commentary by Jonny who made sure we remembered which penguins were repeat visitors to this prestigious board. 

Check out his tweets below.  And if you're like me, you almost want a cute animated short of the antics of these penguins. 



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