Top Bacon Fun Facts

In honor of today being National Bacon Lover's Day . . . it's a good time to check out this list of The Top Bacon Fun Facts.

Four out of five cardiologists say, "Keep eating bacon, I want a bigger boat!"

If the sound of it sizzling makes you drool, you're human.

It's the only ingredient no one's ever asked to "hold" from a BLT.

Feeding it to your kids after you've watched "Charlotte's Web" with them is really evil when you think about it.

Some people make it out of turkey.  We call these people "Traitors."

The most popular bacon to eat is hickory.  The least popular is Kevin.

Also evil:  Saying, "That'll do, pig," before stuffing your face with it.

Don't even bother asking . . . that last strip is YOURS.  Always.

It's one of the world's oldest processed meats.  

Those paper towels that you drain the bacon on . . . you've chewed on them before, haven't you?

Bacon bits are actually vegetarian, so you can eat them without losing your sense of smugness and superiority.

Bacon contains several vitamins.  Which is a fun tidbit to share with the surgeons who are amputating your foot because you won't stop eating it.

Bacon-flavored mayonnaise is called "Baconnaise."  And bacon-flavored mustard is called "disgusting."



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