"Harry Potter" Fans Make Better Lovers . . . Way Better Than Romance Novel

According to a new study, "Harry Potter" fans make for BETTER LOVERS.

And I was tempted to make a joke about this. . .  except that like three billion people have read the books, including me.  So . . . woof.  I've really painted myself into a corner there.

A new study found that people who read the "Harry Potter" books and other fantasy or science fiction books have better relationships than people who read other kinds of books, including suspense, classic literature, and romance novels.

That's right:  Reading romance novels does NOT translate over to actual romance.

And the researchers think it's because those books set up unrealistic expectations.  Wait.  Bigfoot ISN'T going to break into my house tonight to seduce me?

So why are fantasy and sci-fi fans better at relationships?  It could be because they're able to totally separate fiction from reality . . . because the books they read are so far-fetched, they stay grounded in real life. 

(CBS 3 - Philadelphia)


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