Natalie Portman Will Star in a Dear Abby / Ann Landers Movie

NATALIE PORTMAN is doing a movie about the twin sister gossip columnists 'Dear Abby' and 'Ann Landers.'

'Abby' was a pseudonym for Pauline "PoPo" Phillips, and 'Ann' was Esther "Eppie" Lederer.  Esther took over the Ann Landers column in 1955, and Pauline launched the competing Dear Abby column a few months later.

Naturally, this caused the sisters to be estranged.  Esther died in 2002 . . . and Pauline died in 2013.  They did reconcile in the '60s, but remained competitors, and weren't close friends.

Natalie will play BOTH roles . . . AND direct the movie.



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